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Welcome to Gonzales Chiropractic located in Norco, California! At Gonzales Chiropractic, we do our best in finding a true solution to our patient’s health problems. We not only focus on the symptoms that are present but rather, the true cause of the symptoms so that we can eliminate the problem once and for all. We understand that most people are tired of the run around they get with most doctor’s offices, but our Norco chiropractors want to change that! We are truly committed to having our patients achieve optimal wellness, reduced pain and symptoms, and attain a better quality of life!

Welcome to Gonzales Chiropractic: Brian Gonzales, DC

We are located between 2nd and 3rd streets across from the tractor supply store and next to the truck/car wash, they have a big American flag outside.

I decided to become a chiropractor in Norco because I have always lived in the Inland Empire, and I wanted to serve the great people out here. I was surprised to find out that most chiropractors in the area only focus on the patient’s symptoms and just start adjusting and treating without even doing xrays or finding the true cause of someone’s pain. So with my background in chiropractic postural corrective care and sports medicine, I decided I wanted to offer a true holistic approach to my patient’s health problems. I want to be the best chiropractor in Norco, and truly living up to the high standards I set for myself; and the only way to do that is by getting the success and results for my patients that they expect and deserve!


What sets us apart from other chiropractors in the area is the total body approach for every patient. We have specific and tailored treatment for every person, and not a “cookie cutter” type plan where every patient gets the same treatment. We offer various traditional chiropractic methods and mix in new state of the art therapy and treatment including our cold laser and Graston myofascial releaser. We offer digital X-rays and a custom fit treatment plan that not only reduces the pain and symptoms, but also restores movement and function for a better quality of life!

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The common misconception about chiropractic care in Norco are twofold. One, most chiropractors in the area just do adjustments and old methods of therapy without a specific plan of care to actually get rid of the problem. That will only manifest in to a patient feeling better after their treatment, but once they stop, the symptoms come back. So they feel like they have to keep coming for adjustments their whole life. Secondly, some chiropractic offices have integrated to where they offer medical services to make it seem better, but ultimately, patients feel all those places do is gauge their insurance coverage for unnecessary treatment with no real results. I have firsthand experience in both types of offices, and that is the biggest reason why I decided to open up my own clinic. I want to change the negative perception of chiropractic in Norco, and ultimately serve the people what they truly deserve, which is having a chiropractor with integrity and morals. A chiropractor that not only delivers great results, but also one who they can trust to refer their friends and family! That is what Gonzales Chiropractic is all about.


We have success in treating a plethora of conditions such as Migraine headaches and neck pain, to low back and sciatica pain. And since we incorporate the latest therapy with our cold laser and Graston, we have great success treating extremity issues such as knee and hip pain and arthritis, shoulder and elbow pain and tendonitis as well.

If you would like to see what we are all about and are tired of getting the same run-around and big promises with no results, call us to schedule a free no obligation consultation today at (951)805-3077. Dr. Gonzales and staff would love to show you how our approach to your health is not only the best way, but it’s the only way you can achieve optimal wellness! No more gimmicks, no more empty promises, only proven RESULTS! Call today!


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